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“By understanding where I come from, you will realize why I understand how to help you reach your goals.”

I am “Overweight” by Your “Standards”

BMI between 25 and 29.9 (Overweight) People falling in this BMI range are considered overweight and would benefit from finding healthy ways to lower their weight, such as diet and exercise. Individuals who fall in this range are at increased risk for a variety of ilnesses. THE LEAN CATEGORY For those who want to take…

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A Wonderfully Petrifying Journey

In November 2016, I walked away from a six-figure salary and a relatively stable career to become a personal trainer and a health coach. Two months to the day later, I have fewer days where I question my sanity, and more days where I feel liberated and smart. I left a decent job with great…


Workout the Fun Way

Most of us set New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy, including increasing exercise. One of the best ways to meet your goal easily is by taking the kids to the park! There are so many ways you can get in a workout while enjoying some fresh air, vitamin D, and family time. Why not feed…


Invest in Yourself

Investing in you is the best gift you can give yourself in 2017. Taking care of your total being is easier than you think once you have the tools necessary to do so. We invest in our relationships, we invest in our hair and clothes, we invest in our financial future. When life moves at…


12 Days of Fitness

With the holidays approaching we invite you to join us for the 12 days of fitness. This will be a fun way to remind you to take care of yourself and make healthy choices this holiday season. If you miss a day, do not let it get you down. Simply pick up again the next…


Fitness Fruitcake

Bad habits are like Aunt Edna’s fruitcake, they keep getting recycled year after year, and no one wants to acknowledge it. I know it’s uncomfortable to look long and hard at our behaviors and our habits. I get it. It took me nearly 8 years of unhealthy living to finally take accountability for myself. It’s…


Christina’s Fitness Journey

As the founder of Dharma Fitness, I feel you should know my story. By understanding where I come from, you will realize why I understand how to help you reach your goals. In 2002, I weighed my heaviest at 205 pounds. A combination of bad luck and bad choices had taken me from a healthy…

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